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Writing a will may not be a pleasant thing to think about, but it is important to ensure that your affairs are in order. Estate planning is vital, no matter your relative age or wealth.

There is a common misconception that wills are just for the super-wealthy. However, we all have an estate, and no one should die without a will. Writing a will can avoid lengthy and expensive tax and legal tie-ups. Particularly if you have a blended family or a family business to take care of, the statutory distribution of your estate could leave your loved ones and affairs in a difficult position. In a will, you can also provide for who will take care of your minor children if both parents are not around. Good estate planning can encapsulate all your end-of-life wishes and give you the freedom to bequeath your assets as you wish.

Writing your will

In a will, you can bequeath all your assets exactly as you wish. We can guide you through an advanced plan which will include all your assets, including businesses and intellectual property rights. We can also help you include a careful plan for any company assets and properties to ensure the longevity of any companies you have built. We can help you carefully consider how to properly provide for your loved ones if they have complex needs. If you wish to provide for loved ones with special needs, you can do so without disrupting government benefits. You can also put careful plans in place to provide for loved ones who are unable to handle money or may need future protection from creditors or divorce. Good estate planning includes more than just bequeathments. We can include instructions for your end-of-life care and name a guardian who would be responsible for the care of children.

Changing your will

If your circumstances change or you are approaching a second marriage and wish to make changes to your will, we can help you. You mustn't try to alter your signed will, or you can invalidate it. We can help you add a codicil or help you prepare a new Will incorporating all your desired changes. In many cases, the latter is preferable to ensure there is absolutely no doubt as to the validity of the will

There is peace of mind to be had in knowing that your loved ones will be provided for. If you are writing your will with our experienced attorneys at Mykyta Law, you can feel comfortable knowing that you are in safe hands. From our offices in the heart of Manhattan, on 110 East 59th Street, we can provide all the legal business services you require. If you need advice, we can talk through your concerns and guide you in the right direction. Please call our office to schedule a free consultation with a knowledgeable attorney. Call us today at (646) 884-3319.

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