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About Our Firm

Mykyta Law is a boutique, New York-based firm founded by Irena Mykyta to offer clients the individualized, bespoke services we know they deserve.

We represent individuals and companies in estate planning, probate, business, and immigration matters.

Estate Planning

Estate planning is not something people like to think about, but getting your affairs in order early on means you can rest assured that the most important things in your life are protected. Whether you have a family business to care for, savings or assets you need to protect, children to provide for, or are approaching a second marriage, we can help you. Whatever your situations or concerns, Irena Mykyta is an experienced estate planning attorney who can ensure you have a comprehensive plan in place.


The death of a loved one can come with an overwhelming amount of paperwork. If there is a will, you must go through proving its authenticity in a New York court. We will guide you through every step of probate, including meeting any requirement of supporting documentation or court appearances. If the deceased left no will, we could guide you through the process of administration. No matter the size or the complexity of the estate, our experience in the surrogate's courts of Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and the Bronx will provide you with the most efficient and competent representation.


Owning a business, whether large or small, comes with a host of legal concerns, including staying on top of changing laws and compliance. Mykyta Law's experienced attorneys can advise on anything from entity formation and structuring, establishing regulatory compliance, licensing, trademark registration and protection, to succession planning. We serve businesses of all sizes with both homegrown business concerns and international matters.


Navigating through the complex system of immigration law can be very overwhelming. Our experienced attorneys at Mykyta Law can guide you through the process and be at your side every step of the way.

We understand our client's needs and pride ourselves on taking a uniquely personalized, hands-on approach. We embrace technology and innovation to solve our client's problems. We know that this is key to offering an efficient, high-quality service and to best safeguard our client's interests.

We represent both U.S. and foreign clients. Our attorneys are fluent in Russian and Ukrainian, and we are well equipped to support foreign nationals.

We understand the financial difficulty clients can have in securing justice and dedicate a portion of our practice to clients who sorely need legal representation but cannot afford it.

From our offices in the heart of Manhattan, on 110 East 59th Street, we can guide you through any legal difficulties you may have. If you need advice, we can talk through your concerns and guide you in the right direction. Please call our office to schedule a free consultation with a knowledgeable attorney. Call us today at (646) 884-3319.

Peace of Mind

Working with us will bring you peace of mind. You will feel comfortable knowing that your legal matters are in the experienced, professional hands of Mykyta Law firm.

We understand that clients want greater predictability when it comes to legal costs. Therefore, we offer alternative fee arrangements.

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