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General Corporate Law for Small and Medium Businesses

If you have established your own business or start-up, you will have a wide range of legal concerns to contend with.

At Mykyta Law, we have the expertise and experience in corporate law to assist you. We are experienced working with small and medium-sized firms and have the operational knowledge and insight to understand your needs. We can keep you on top of changing laws and compliance and ensure that you are positioned for continued success.

Mykyta Law's experienced attorneys can advise on anything from entity formation and structuring, establishing regulatory compliance, licensing, trademark registration, and protection to succession planning.

We represent and advise businesses of all shapes and sizes, including private companies, professional entities, franchisees, not-for-profits, limited liability companies, limited or general partnerships, joint ventures, and sole proprietorships. If you have multiple businesses and want general advice or to anticipate any legal issues, a discussion with our experienced attorneys could help.

We are skilled in representing clients from the U.S. and foreign nations in matters of business law. We are experienced with incorporating businesses for both US and foreign companies. We also regularly guide companies successfully through the compliance regulations involved with hiring foreign workers. Our attorneys are fluent in Russian and Ukrainian and experienced in advising foreign nationals.

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We understand that clients want greater predictability when it comes to legal costs. Therefore, we offer alternative fee arrangements.

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