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Mykyta Law

Armed with knowledge and experience, new technology and innovative approach, we provide you with high quality, efficient representation. And, unlike other firms, we use highly personalized approach to each client and we are flexible with payment arrangements.

Experienced Representation in Probate and Administration of Estates

The death of a loved one not only brings grief and sorrow, but an agonizing pile of paperwork to tend to and affairs to get in order. If you need to probate an estate of a deceased relative, you may be overwhelmed with the process. Requirements for proving the authenticity of a will in New York court are strict and, in some situations, require additional proof in the form of Affidavits and other documents, and, if someone contests the will, appearances in court. And if there is no will, where do you start? We will guide you through every step of probate (if the deceased person had a will), or through administration (if a deceased left no will). No matter the size or the complexity of the estate, our experience in the surrogate's courts of Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens and the Bronx will provide you with the most efficient and competent representation. Call or email us today.

Protecting Your Assets by Carefully Crafting Wills and Trusts, and More  

Everyone has an estate, no matter how large or small, and guess what - you can't take it with you when you die. And if you don't have a plan, your state has one for you, but you will probably not like it. We will guide you in preparation of an advanced plan in which you will name whom you want to receive the things you own at the time you die. However, good estate planning is much more than that.  Therefore, we often include instructions for your care if you become disabled before you die; name a guardian for minor children; properly provide for family members with special needs without disrupting government benefits; provide for loved ones who might be irresponsible with money or who may need future protection from creditors or divorce. Call or email us now.

Estate Planning for Protecting Intellectual Property Rights

If you are an author, artist, composer or owner of a closely held business, you need to ensure the protection of your intellectual property rights. Your valuable assets - business ideas, visual art, published or unpublished literary and musical works, inventions, computer programs and fashion and architectural designs need to be carefully considered when planning your estate, so that they are transferred to your heirs according to your wishes upon your death.

Patents, copyrights, and trademarks can be highly valuable intellectual property assets. Because of the timing specifics of certain types of intellectual property, we advise our clients to choose a separate executor to handle intellectual property issues in their estates. We will provide you with a comprehensive estate plan, which properly accounts for all your intellectually property assets, and at a more flexible rate than our competitors. Contact us today.

Comprehensive Legal Services for Businesses

If you need an attorney for your business, our experienced attorneys provide high quality representation of small and large businesses - from entity formation and structuring, establishing regulatory compliance, licensing, trademark protection - to succession planning. We serve businesses of all sizes - private companies, professional entities, franchisees, not-for-profits, limited liability companies, limited or general partnerships, joint ventures and sole proprietorships. We successfully guide companies hiring foreign workers through the compliance regulations. We will help you stay on top of deadlines, changing laws and compliance. Contact us today.

Successfully Solving Immigration Problems

Because of our international background, we have a better understanding of the needs and troubles of an immigration client. Our professional, honest and compassionate approach won hearts of our immigration clients and provided solutions for many in family reunification cases, work or business visa cases, international adoption and in protection of refugees and asylees.

For clients with “deportation” issues, we melt the ICE problems away and provide focused, aggressive representation before the immigration court. If you are facing removal, rule No. 1 is - do not miss the court hearing date, even if you don't have a lawyer yet. But after the hearing, find a lawyer as soon as possible. We successfully protected many clients from being removed from the United States. If you need help, call or email us now.

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